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Estella Consultancy is providing all types of online Business solution like Company Registration, Fssai, ESI & PF, MSME/SSI, Trademark, Accounting, Book Keeping, GST Related Services, Listing, Delisting, RBI, FEMA, Foreign company entry in India and

PRIVATE COMPANY REGISTRATION  is the best business among other business with benefits of Limited liability and separate legal entity of the Business.

· LLP REGISTRATION  is an extended version of a partnership firm with the additional feature of Limited liability of partners in LLP.

· OPC REGISTRATION  is used by those entrepreneurs who want to hold the whole stake of the company and become the sole owner and its extension of sole proprietorship firm with limited liability.

· NGO/SECTION 8 COMPANY REGISTRATION  used by the charitable organisation in India to do charitable business on a national & international level and registered with the central government.

· PROJECT/LIAISON OFFICE REGISTRATION  REGISTRATION is open by the foreign national or companies want to set up or do business in India by investing their funds by company registration in India.

· PUBLIC COMPANY REGISTRATION  is the best business structure for those who want to raise money from the general public through IPO or FPO.

· PRODUCER COMPANY REGISTRATION  is formed by a group of farmers to do business related to agricultural activities.

· FSSAI REGISTRATION  is mandatory for every business who want to start or already running the Business related to foods or beverages.

· GST REGISTRATION  is done by those businesses whose turnover exceed the 40 lakhs or The person is doing interstate supplies of Goods & services then turnover is not criteria for registration

· DIGITAL SIGNATURE REGISTRATION  is used by the person to authenticate his Digital Identity on any Documents or forms or Websites.

· TRADEMARK REGISTRATION  is done by the business owner to secure its Business trading mark used for Goods & Services.

· PROFESSIONAL TAX REGISTRATION  is mandatory in the south side of India and paid professional tax on collected on employee salaries.

·  ESI REGISTRATION  & PF REGISTRATION  is registration which is compulsorily for Employer to deducted some amount from employee salary & his contribution. The amount deposited in ESI & PF account of the employee.

· CONVERSION OF BUSINESS  is the process of change in the constitution of Business like OPC to private company conversion.

· MSME/SSI REGISTRATION  is done by the small business owner to register their business with the government and Avail the benefits of government policies & subsidies.

· SHOP ACT REGISTRATION  is mandatory for every shop owner who sells or Buy or exchange any type of Goods & Services

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