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Padoca Foods
Brazilian Snacks That Will Make Your Sweet Tooth Go Crazy!
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Empadinha / Chicken Mini Pie
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Coxinha / Chicken Croquette
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About Padoca Foods
We are a home based company and our products are 100% hand made. This way maintain their authentic flavor and unique texture.
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Padoca Foods

Empadinha / Chicken Mini Pie
The Empadinha (Chicken Mini Pie) is a small cupcake sized pastry filled with a savory filling. - Baked - Perfect for any type of event Dough:milk, eggs, salt, oil, butter, yeast. Filling: chicken breast shredded, herbs, green olives, chicken seasoning, flour, salt.

The most popular and well-known snacks and/or fastfood items in Brazil, and millions are eaten every day. Doug: milk, eggs, salt, oil, butter, yeast. Filling: ground beef, white wine, oregano, salt, white pepper, onions, garlic, herbs.

Coxinha / Chicken Croquette
The Coxinha is a popular Brazilian Snack, also popular in Portugal. It is made from shredded chicken and spices (occasionally including Catupiry-style cheese), enclosed in wheat flour-variants made from potato or manioc are also common-batter, and deep fried.

The Risole is a popular Brazilian Snack. Wheat flour batter, corn cheese and seasonings. Perfect for Any Type of Event, 2.7? inches (Avg. Size)

Kibe (pronounced kee-bee) are football-shaped deep-fried. Made with bulgur wheat, mint, meat and seasoning.

Pao de Queijo - Cheese Bread
In Brazil, pão de queijo (cheese rolls) is a popular breakfast and frequently had as a snack. Made with tapioca flour, parmesan cheese, eggs, milk, water and salt. Gluten free

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Padoca Foods
7 years ago
Selma Aguiar Machado da Silva  Fantastic taste and best quality.
7 years ago
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