I refuse to join recession. People are saying that now!

I refuse to join recession.

At this tough times, we heard about lot things happening with the economy.
The recession is hard and the road is going to be tougher ahead. However, this guy  have found several people all across the United States who are making MORE money even during the recession. He decided to interview all of them and share their stories with the world.
How it is can be ? We found people like Greg Updegrove - a mortgage broker where he is fascinating with his income. Grew 300% when the recession hits.
Yes is that correct. His income tripled when all the financing crises hit.
This interview I found on this website:

On this network, created by Trace Trajano  from Mason, OH,  you will find a lot more of interviews and comments where these people are sharing their experiences at this times, and how they still can survive, make money and in some cases triple theirs income.
I hope this small step, can help others to think more positively to take more responsibility on our finances, and I invite you to ask our government and leaders for solutions we need to help everybody, but specially the small business that are the basis to the economy of this great country.
You can place and share your opinion on our magazine by just  clicking here:
Share your stories... let’s encourage each other, and together let’s beat this recession! 
Click here and watch the video.
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