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HSH Cleaning Services

Let us take care of your cleaning needs
We are committed to keeping your home, office or business clean. We are a family owned cleaning company based in Orinda, California, that takes pride in serving every single customer. Our services are guaranteed, we provide a walk through with each customer after the job is done. With us, you don't pay upfront, you pay when services are completed. Affordable. Reliable. Thorough.
2646 Appian Way Suite #22, Pinole - California, 94564, United States   Map
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HSH Cleaning Services
HSH Cleaning Services
HSH Cleaning Services
HSH Cleaning Services
HSH Cleaning Services
HSH Cleaning Services
Cleaning/Maid Services
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Sunday Closed Thursday 08:00 AM - 05:00 PM
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Cleaning Services
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  • HSH Cleaning Services

  • HSH Cleaning Services

  • HSH Cleaning Services

  • HSH Cleaning Services

  • HSH Cleaning Services

  • HSH Cleaning Services

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A family owned business servicing the Bay Area since 2016 Call today for a free estimate or click on the button below.
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Our services

We specialize in standard cleaning (weekly, biweekly or monthly cleaning schedules available), deep cleaning and move out cleaning.

With a focus on Town Homes, Condos, Houses, Small Apartments and Office Suites.

We also do commercial cleaning in restaurants, offices, industrial bathrooms and buildings

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Deep Cleaning

Highly recommended for first time cleanings. We get to work cleaning from top to bottom in every nook and cranny. No stone is left unturned.

Standard Cleaning Example

Standard Cleaning

Schedule a weekly, biweekly or monthly cleaning with us. Trusted by our clients. We deliver a reliable and outstanding service every time.

Move In/Out Cleaning Example

Move In/Move Out Cleaning

Trusted by tenants and realtors alike. We cover checklists, deep cleans, and all the other things you didn't think off.

Kitchen Cleaning Example

Kitchen Cleaning

We can transform a kitchen like no one else. Check out some of our before and after images further down the page for more details.

Post Event Cleaning Example

Post-event Cleaning

We are a reliable and no hassle resource for all your post event cleaning needs, including conferences, meetings, dinners and more.

Maid Services Example

Maid Services

Hire us on a regular basis. Our clients value the meticulousness of our work. We are flexible and extremely reliable.

Floor Cleaning Example

Floor Cleaning

We can steam clean carpets, scrub floors, and get rid of those persistant stains that have been bugging you for months.

Restroom Cleaning Example

Restroom Cleaning

Not always the nicest job. But it needs to be done. Trust us to do it professonally and expeditiously.

Post Construction Cleaning Example

Post Construction Cleaning

One of the hardest jobs to do on your own. Let us take care of it. Dust, grime, oil, we've got it covered. Everything will be ready for occupation in no time.

Eco/Green Cleaning

We take pride in being able to utilize environmentally friendly products and cleaning procedures.

Airbnb Cleaning Example

Airbnb Cleaning

You can count on us to provide a reliable and thorough service for your Airbnb property. We guarantee your place to be spotless for the next guests.

Commercial Cleaning Example

Commercial Cleaning

Experts in taking care of restaurants, offices, industrial bathroom and buildings and more,