How to Maintain Good Health in Today's Fast Paced Life  

Life demands high performance, every time. And to maintain this level of performance, there are certain parameters that it expects us to maintain; the most important of them being health. If we want to continue life in the way that life expects us to, we ought to take good care of our health. Today's lifestyle and pace justifies the age old saying "health is wealth" to the very letter. 
Maintaining health in this fast paced world is a bebendo_agua.jpg very tiring and demanding task; nobody gets what we call "leisure time" today. 

But health does not recognize the constraints of the present world, and does not adapt to the body's round the clock working mechanism. Your health will not take care of itself; it has to be taken care of as regularly as one can. 
How to Keep Minor Health Problems at Bay?  
"Neglect" forms the very foundation of every health problem known to man. People generally do not have the time, patience or energy to dedicate an hour of the day to exercising. While it is of utmost importance to devote at least 30 minutes from the 24 hours available to everybody to exercise, doing so is often a challenging task. 
Here are a few tips that might help if you (in all possibility) can never manage to hit the gym or the jogging track: 
1.    Have as healthy a breakfast as you can manage. Make sure it has high protein content to keep you from binging through the day. 
2.    Divide your meals; eat frequently (at least 5 - 6 times a day) but keep your portion sizes in check. 
3.    Opt for fruit juices instead of carbonated or fizzy drinks. 
4.    Stay away from junk food. 
5.    Keep dinner light always; you do not need a heavy meal before hitting the sack. 
6.    Give into your cravings once a week; it will prevent you from binge eating without taking away the fun from life. 
With these useful yet easy to follow tips, one can very easily keep minor health problems like acidity, stomach pain, headaches, heaviness, fatigue, and constipation at bay. 
How to Keep Cholesterol Low?  
A few simple methods of keeping your cholesterol levels low are: 
1.    Keep away from foods that are high in fat content 
2.    Carve out time for brisk walking 
3.    Make green vegetables, fruits, organic food and fluids like green tea a part of your diet. 
The Perfect Recipe for Good Health  
While maintaining good health largely depends on the diet you follow and your level of activity and exercise, the right attitude also contributes to your health. The way your mind and body feels can go a long way in prolonging your life and keeping you free from diseases. 

Good food, healthy exercise habits and your general temperament can equally contribute to your overall health; whereas stress and poor health choices can drastically reduce your quality of life. Ultimately, it's the choices you make that matter. 

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