Safety is a top priority when planning a vacation. Here are ten safe and secure travel destinations you might consider for your next trip, along with some explanations:
  1. Canada: Canada tops the list as the safest country to travel to in 2024. It has low rates of violent crime and strict gun laws. However, be cautious of wildfires, which have affected air quality in recent years1.
  1. Switzerland: Known for its stunning landscapes, Switzerland is also very safe. It has low crime rates and excellent healthcare facilities.
  1. Norway: Norway consistently ranks high in safety. Its peaceful environment, efficient public services, and low crime rates make it an ideal destination.
  1. Ireland: Ireland offers a warm welcome and a low crime rate. Explore its rich history, lush green landscapes, and vibrant cities.
  1. Netherlands: The Netherlands is known for its bike-friendly cities, picturesque canals, and safety. It's a great place to explore on foot.
  1. United Kingdom: Despite its bustling cities, the UK maintains a high level of safety. Enjoy historical sites, diverse culture, and beautiful countryside.
  1. Portugal: Portugal combines safety with warm hospitality. Explore its coastal towns, historic landmarks, and delicious cuisine.
  1. Denmark: Denmark is known for its quality of life, low crime rates, and efficient public services. Visit Copenhagen and enjoy its bike-friendly streets.
  1. Iceland: Iceland's natural beauty and low crime rates make it a safe choice. Explore geysers, waterfalls, and the famous Blue Lagoon.
  1. Australia: Although far from other continents, Australia is a safe destination. Enjoy its stunning beaches, unique wildlife, and vibrant cities.

If you're planning a vacation within the United States, consider these safe tourist destinations:

  • Raleigh, North Carolina: Known for its friendly population and low crime rates.
  • San Diego, California: A coastal city with a relaxed vibe and plenty of attractions.
  • Boise, Idaho: Offers outdoor adventures and a safe environment.
  • Honolulu, Hawaii: Beautiful beaches, warm weather, and a low crime rate.
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