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Silva Neto
San Rafael - California - United States

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The Brazilian Touch Gallery houses the collection of Central Brazilian painting from the 21th century. It is on show, 360 days a year, free of charge.

The Gallery's aim is to care for the collection, to enhance it for future generations, primarily by acquisition, and to study it, while encouraging access to the pictures for the education and enjoyment of the widest possible public now and in the future.

The collection belongs to the private people, but It is open to all.

The Gallery serves a very wide and diverse public, which includes:

  • Those who visit the Gallery in United States - California - both those who visit frequently and those who visit only occasionally.

  • Those who see its pictures while they are on loan elsewhere, both inside and outside the USA, and those who know the collection through publications, multimedia and TV.

  • Those who live nearby as well as those who live further away in the United States and overseas.

  • Every age group - from children to pensioners.

  • The socially excluded and the privileged; the uninformed and the specialist; and those with special needs.

  • The worldwide community of museums and galleries.

  • And, most importantly, future generations.


    Care for the collection

    • Keep the pictures collection safe for future generations by maintaining a safe and appropriate environment for them, monitoring their condition regularly, and undertaking suitable restoration or conservation.
    • Do everything possible to secure the pictures from fire, theft and other hazards.
    • Do everything possible to ensure that pictures loaned out are in sound enough condition to travel and then travel safely.

    Enhance the collection

    • Acquire great pictures across the whole range of Brazilian, North America and European painting to maintain and enhance the collection now and for future generations.

    Study the collection

    • Encourage all aspects of scholarship on the collection, developing research into, and documentation of, the pictures and maintaining a leading national and international role in the study of Brazilian, North American and European painting, while ensuring that this work is disseminated.

    Access to the collection for the education and enjoyment of the widest possible public

    • Allow the public to use the collection as their own by maintaining free admission, during the most convenient possible hours, to as much as possible of the permanent collection.
    • Display the pictures well.
    • Help the widest possible public both in the Gallery and beyond to understand and enjoy the paintings, taking advantage of opportunities created by modern technology.
    • Offer the highest possible standards in services for visitors.

    A national and international leader in all its activities

    • Work with other international and regional museums and galleries in the World.
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