Brazilian Bikini Wax!

The techniques most common and known of depilation are to the service of who really wants to get rid of the indispositions hair, offering a wide variety of options and of results. From the old razor blade to the most recent methods, advantages and disadvantages that should be very known exist so that, the final results, be satisfactory and not frustrating.  


If it be chosen the razor blade as fast alternative, is very important to have lightness in the hands and delicacy in the moment of waxing, because it is easy to obtain cuts, wounds and a great irritation of the skin.  

If the following day wants to continue the game, this method it should not be used, therefore the skin will be more and more irritated and the strongest hair.  


If the chosen alternative goes the wax, several options exist, but the same ones are limited to the characteristics of the beard as well as to the specific areas of the body, that is, the closed beard cannot be treated with wax, same hot, because the hair volume would not allow to be started, turning the painful and inefficient process.  

Cold wax:  

The depilation with cold wax is one of the easiest and common, resulting in a homelike alternative. Sophisticated revenues exist and even maid servants, whose result will specifically depend on the characteristics of the area to be waxed as well as of the volume and consistence of the hair.  

Hot wax:  

Of equal it forms that the cold wax, the depilation with hot wax removes the hair for the root, what allows a durability of at least 20 days. But for opening the pores with the heat, the more natural it goes the composition of the wax, best it will be for your health. On the other hand, to be made the depilation, it is necessary to leave the hair to grow, at least, for some time until they acquire the enough size for the removal.   brazilian-wax.jpg

Once chosen the depilation area, disinfect the place with a cotton with alcohol to avoid infection risks. It is indispensable to dry the area before the depilation. Otherwise, the wax won't have the necessary adherence and the hair won't be well removed. Therefore, avoid to use oils or creams moisturizing hours before the depilation. To proceed, heat up in bath-warm the wax until that she is with the approximate temperature of the body. Verify the temperature of the wax in a small area of the skin for not burning. Always apply the wax on the area that will be waxed with a spatula, in sense of the growth of the hair. Let to cool for some seconds, until that hardens a little to always pull of only one time in the sense contrary to the of the growth of the hair. Once concluded the operation, disinfect the waxed area well. The process is a little  painful and it should be done by other person to have a good result. 

Simple rules to follow and not to be afraid of the Brazilian Wax Method.





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