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Pikanhas Brazilian Steak House
Pikanhas Brazilian Steakhouse is the best barbecue and churrascaria in San Francisco and bay area. Picanha, beef, pork, lamb, chicken, wine and beer

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02/13/2015  | 12:40:45 PM
  Storming Day
My wife and went to their restaurant on a Friday and it was raining very hard. Our reservation was at 5:00pm and we got there at 4:52 eight minutes early and was told that they open up at 5:00, and was turned away. I went to my car and called them and said, With most reservations you come at least 15 minutes early and we were rejected by the lady at the front door. We had further conversations about the front door, and I told them that " if it wasn't a raining day I would have taken a little walk, but it was raining very hard so then we decided to leave. We didn't want to have bad service as well as having entry problems. Oh I had purchase a Groupon and was not able to use it, so I don't know what the food taste like. Don't Go On A Raining Day You Will Be Out In The Weather :(
Rickey G Persons Sr   -> United States  - California  - Oakland
10/28/2012  | 11:57:35 AM
  Very delicious food!
I really enjoyed this place. The service was wonderful as well. The quality of the food is very good & the buffet too. Try all the meats! With a $25 coupon you really can t go wrong at Pikanha s! Looking forward to coming back soon.
Selma Machado   -> United States  - California  - San Rafael
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