How to use our website and make a purchase  using our system.

1) - Finding the desired product

- Enter the name of the desired product in "SEARCH" at the top of the site or look for the product across categories and brands located in the sidebar.

2) - Buying products

- Clicking on the product desired and it will sends a new display containing product details where you will find information such as product description, price, etc. Click "Add to cart" -  this button will add the product to the shopping cart. (In the shopping cart you can simulate the shipping cost). You can test all you want, they still will not involve the payment itself.  

3) - Shopping Cart

- This screen displays all products being purchased. For each product you can change the quantity  and/or  remove the product from the cart. To move forward simply click the "Proceed to Checkout"  

4) - Identifying yourself

- If this is your first purchase or if you have not yet registered on our system, this is the time. Just click Checkout button and complete your FREE registration.

5) - Shipment and Payment

- In order to know the value of shipment,  go to the normal purchase (shopping cart) in the normal sequence of the buying process and then complete your purchase and place your pre-order.

- After we receive your pre-order, we will contact you with the exactly amount for your order including all taxes, fees, and delivery terms. Please, allow  1 business day (24 hours) for processing time.

-  After this final review for your order, we will complete the transaction, an email will be sent to you indicating the closing of the purchase process. We will also send emails to notify you of confirmation of payment on the Shipment of your order and the tracking code.  

- Our system IS TOTALLY SAFE.  Your information is secret and not shared with third parties also we use the industry standard secure sockets layer (SSL) technology to prevent and keep your information encrypted when we store your order.  For more questions, please contact us by email.