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SOS no Bugs - Computer and Internet Services
The best, fast and affordable computer services.
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About SOS no Bugs - Computer and Internet Services
SOS no Bugs - Computer and Internet Services - We fix your computer at best prices. Networking installation, Surveillance cameras, websites and SEO services.
Products & Services
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Computer Virus and Malware Removal

We have expertise cleaning all level of  infected computers. We will back up your data, and make sure your computer is free of infection. Once your computer is clean, we’ll make sure you are protected, minimizing the chance of getting re-infected.

Networking, File and Printer Sharing

We can set up a new network, or resolve issues on your current network. We can enable you to securely and safely share files and printers on computers within your network.

Backup Systems

We can help you with your backup system and suggest several data backup options tailored to your situation.

Crashes and Data Recovery

Your data is the most valuable part of your computer and we take it very seriously.

Set-up and Configuration

We can help you configure a new computer that will work with your existing printers and other equipments.

Server Support

In addition to the basic services we offer to all our clients, we offer our business clients support for Windows Small Business Server, Windows Server Essentials, Microsoft Exchange and Sharepoint. We’ll make sure the computers on your network are protected from viruses, and that your business’s critical data is safely backed up. We can also support your transition to cloud services for your email and file storage needs.

Hardware and Software Issues

We are specialists in find and resolving those annoying problems no one else can figure out. We work with your schedule and make the right decisions to resolve the issues faster because we know yout time is most important.

Hosted/Cloud Services

Websites Development / Upgrades / Updates / SEO

Surveillance Cameras installation and maintenance

Subscription Maintenance Plans (Managed Services)

We offer several managed service plans to ensure that your systems are maintained on a regular basis. Our managed service plans are surprisingly affordable. Ask for details

Computer/Internet Services
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English - Spanish - Portuguese - -
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Computer Services
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